Sharing The Prince (Romance FMF) (English Edition) par Kayla Woods

Sharing The Prince (Romance FMF) (English Edition) par Kayla Woods

Titre de livre: Sharing The Prince (Romance FMF) (English Edition)

Auteur: Kayla Woods

Broché: 171 pages

Date de sortie: July 10, 2017

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Kayla Woods avec Sharing The Prince (Romance FMF) (English Edition)

Get married or lose my right as the crown prince.

Easier said than done as the carefree, rebellious playboy in me can’t imagine being married. However, the royal court order is to find a bride, and I have no choice but to comply. After a last fling, of course.

I set out to find the one girl worth my time but find two best friends - Andrea and Natalie.

Andrea and Natalie may be best friends, but they are as opposite as can be. Andrea is creative, a spitfire, impulsive, and larger-than-life, while Natalie is quiet, calculating, and goal-oriented.

What’s a crown prince to do when he falls for two best friends? I invite them to my private island for pleasure. I could imagine the nights of pleasure with these two vixens.

But soon the girls are much more than a fling to me…they are my perfect wives. And then comes unexpected news…

SHARING THE PRINCE is a standalone full-length ROMANCE novel that all about one man and two women he adores like crazy. It's full of body-melting heat, romance, conflict, passion, and of course a very happily-ever-after for all three. How else should three lovers end?