Virolution par Frank Ryan

Virolution par Frank Ryan

Titre de livre: Virolution

Auteur: Frank Ryan

ISBN: 0007315120

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Frank Ryan avec Virolution

Title: Virolution( The Most Important Evolutionary Book Since Dawkins' Selfish Gene) <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: FrankRyan <>Publisher: CollinsPublishers


‘Viruses aren't always harmful … Frank Ryan uses some beautiful examples to illustrate this idea. Worth reading.’
BBC Focus

Frank Ryan is a consultant physician based in Sheffield, and an honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield. He is also an international best-selling writer. His book, Tuberculosis: The Greatest Story Never Told, was a New York Times Book of the Year while Darwin's Blind Spot was the 'Amazon Featured Book' recommended by Charlie Munger at the 2003 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. He pioneered the evolutionary concepts of 'viral symbiosis' and 'genomic creativity' and has contributed to the modern understanding of the evolution of the human genome. He is a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians, the Royal Society of Medicine and the Linnean Society of London.